COVID 19 Update:

Guests of The Scandia Inn,

It’s times like these that remind us how important it is to spend time together and be good to one another.  We are here to serve you.  It is our promise to continue to provide the utmost care for you and your family when staying with us.

With the developing restrictions of COVID 19, we at The Scandia Inn have taken into serious consideration our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our staff members and our future guests.  

We pay particular attention to our cleaning and disinfection processes. 

  •  The cleaning after each stay includes the use of a peer reviewed, medical grade UV disinfection system, killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. 
  •  The rooms come with an award winning Rabbit Air whisper-quiet filtration system; winner of the world's most prestigious "Red Dot" Design award (known as the Oscar for Product     Design), the BioGS is engineered to trap and reduce many types of pollutants and allergens. 
  •  The rooms have independent heating and ventilation so you do not breath the air from the room next door. 
  •  The mattresses have bed bug proof covers. 
  •  Outside the door of each room is a anti-bacterial soap dispenser. 
  •  After each cleaning, the room is locked and the staff makes every effort not to enter the room before your stay and we do not enter the room during your stay unless requested or in case of an emergency. 


Thank you for being our guest,

The Scandia Inn


For official City of McCall COVID 19 updates, click here