The Scandia Inn was originally built in the 1970’s inspired by some of the original Finland homesteaders to the area.  Many of the original architecture in McCall, as well as events like the winter carnival, had roots in this Finish heritage.  Built by Knut Sjoberg, the original owner in the 1970’s, The Scandia Inn was designed as a replica of the mountain ski cabins that dot the Scandinavian mountainside and much of McCall Idaho.  Built with timbers from the very heart of Mccall, every log tells a story of this tranquil Mountain town.

The Hiltons took over ownership in the early 90’s and continued the Scandinavian culture of welcoming people from all around the world.  For 30 years they have flown the flags of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and the US as a reminder that all are welcome at The Scandia Inn.  With love and care, they hand sewed every tapestry, carved every sign, and hand made every quilt.  From the lamp shades, to the art work, to the care they've shown every guest, the Hiltons put their heart and soul into making The Scandia Inn a home away from home for our many travelers year after year.  

Today the tradition continues.  The new owners took over in November of 2018 with the vision of restoring the originally inspired Scandinavian Mountain design while preserving and maintaining the home away from home experience of this boutique mountain inn.  Inspired by years of family memories made in this alpine lake town, our goal is to provide a lodging experience that is as unique and inspiring as the town around it. 

In 2020 the hotel undertook and complete renovation and remodel. Most everything was updated, while keeping the beautiful log structure. With the renovation came new processes for cleaning and disinfection. 

  •  The cleaning after each stay includes the use of a peer reviewed, medical grade UV disinfection system, killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria . 
  •  The rooms come with an award winning Rabbit Air whisper-quiet filtration system; winner of the world's most prestigious "Red Dot" Design award (known as the Oscar for Product Design), the BioGS is engineered to trap and reduce many types of pollutants and allergens. 
  •   The rooms have independent heating and ventilation so you do not breath the air from the room next door. 
  •   The mattresses have bed bug proof covers.
  •   An anti-bacterial soap dispenser is located outside the door to each room

The rooms also have the following amenities. 

  •  The bed sheets and pillow cases are Italian Fili D'oro Egyptian cotton. 
  •   Located throughout the room is handcrafted furniture from reclaimed wood. 
  •   Fiber Optic high speed internet WiFi, Coffee pot, large flat screen smart TV's with cable service.  
  •   Heating units are baseboard electric heat.  
  •   There is very easy access to your room with parking outside your door.  Key-less entry is available for check in/check out and unlocking rooms with your mobile devices, saving time.